reflect paper on drawing class 101

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see the files attached in the bottom to start writing the reflect paper

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Transferable Skills

Students will be required to reflect on the semester’s coursework and submit a written report that describes how the following skills have been acquired and how they will be transferred into future practice.


  • self-discipline, personal initiative, and motivation
  • healthy competitiveness, commitment, and diligence

Analytical skills

  • strong observational skills & acute visual discrimination
    • recognition of patterns
  • knowledge of meaning in visual objects and visual language through an awareness of social and historical context
  • unique and creative approaches to problem-solving

Project & Community skills

  • achieve finite solutions from open instructions
    • alternatively, follow detailed instructions for complex, multi-step tasks
  • assessment of needs to achieve outcomes
    • organization of workspace environment
    • prioritize and organize a range of tasks
    • patience through long-term projects
  • assessing and appreciating novel conclusions
  • openness to experimentation and risk-taking
    • ability to learn from miscalculations
    • ability to explain ideas, motivations behind decisions, and impact of decisions on outcomes
    • ability to defend decisions
    • openness to criticism
  • adherence to quality control in detail and the whole
  • quality control; unwillingness to settle for sub-par results

Communication & Presentation skills

  • use visual forms to represent concrete and abstract ideas
  • verbally express aesthetic responses, in both oral communication and writing
    • use correct visual terminology, verbally and in writing
  • professionally present physical objects, physically and digitally
    • attention to detail and the organic whole
  • self-awareness & self-assurance

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