reading the following discussion and write 200 words response ( must be first-person)

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One common misconception that people make about pornography is that the people involved in this line of work are victims or survivors of abuse. In other words, that they didn’t have a choice in choosing this line of work. Miller-Young explains that her, like other people, “thought that women in porn were primarily survivors of sexual abuse who got off a bus in Hollywood and were whisked away to Porn Valley by some shady pimp” (Miller-Young 2014: 21). However, once she got to interview some women in the pornography industry she realized although some women do come from abusive homes there are others that come from loving homes. As a result, she realized not all women come from abusive homes, yet people think this is common among pornography workers. A second misconception about some pornography is that the sex is “real” (not part of acting) and that the people are attracted to one another. However, Miller found that film sets “were decidedly desexualized, where cast and crew moved about with workmanlike focus to get their movies made on time and, ideally, under budget” (Miller-Young 2014: 21). In the sets Miller looked at she describes the people working there in a way like actors. The reasons that women join the pornography industry can vary. For example, some women join for economic reasons. Another reason that women join the pornography industry is that pornography can also be a form of empowerment for women. Miller-Young explains that there is a stereotype that Black women are hypersexual. However, pornography can be used to change the stereotype that Black women are hypersexual into a positive representation of Black women’s sexuality. For example, Miller writes about Jeannie Pepper, who is motivated to work pornography because she finds, “pleasure in “show[ing] the world” a beautiful and sexually self- possessed black woman” (Miller-Young 2014: 5). In this way, pornography can be empowering for women and offers them the opportunity to portray the way they want others to see them, like in Jeannie Pepper’s case as “glamorous, sexy, and beautiful” (Miller-Young 2014: 14). This is one way that pornography can be redefine as an empowerment to women’s sexuality. Other reasons why some women join the porn industry is because they want to create alternative images of pornography. For example, the creation of feminist porn is the result of creating “alternative images, [feminist porn] develops its own aesthetics and iconography to expand established sexual norms and discourses” (Penley et al 2013: 10). The goal of feminist porn is to offer an alternative that reaches wider audiences. For example, feminist porn might be directed towards “a female viewer and what she likely wants to see—active desire, consent, real orgasms, power, and agency” (Penley et al 2013: 12), which other types of pornography might be lacking. Although, the feminist porn industry acknowledges that not all women like this type of pornography, but that nonetheless it was missing for those women that do enjoy this type of pornography and therefore their work is important.

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