Questions: Were the 60s a decade of hedonism or heightened social responsibility? Why did President Johnson escalate the American commitment to the independence of South Vietnam?

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ach Major Problems in American History Chapter Questions NEED to have the following:

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  • EACH question posed below needs to be answered in a lengthy paragraph of At Least 10-15 college-level quality, analytical sentences with 3 citation/quote from Cobbs example : (Cobbs, 94)
  • Please SUBDIVIDE each answer/paragraph by labeling each chapter’s questions appropriately (a,b,c,d, etc…)
  • In-text citations or Footnotes/Endnotes will suffice


ALL citations NEED TO BE BOLD in order to get full credit for them

If you do NOT cite, you will receive NO CREDIT for that question

  • use Times New Roman font 12 or comparable ONLY
  • Submit ALL questions as one assignment HERE (within Canvas)

PLEASE NOTE: If your (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. “Similarity %” is 21% or higher, you will lose points and the paper will be examined very closely for plagiarism and thus could receive a 0!!!

There have been a few students that have run into the “similarity” issue (in past classes) and this was mainly are due to including the Cobbs questions “word for word” in their answers. Avoiding this is simple…do NOT include the questions with your answers. Simply type answers and submit!

Any Questions or concerns:…

Cobbs’ Chapter 13

Read the following from Chapter 13 (The 60s & Vietnam) and Answer the questions:

  1. Documents:
    1. A South Vietnamese Farmer Explains Why He Joined the Liberation Movement, 1961 (1986)
    2. California Governor Ronald Reagan Warns of a Welfare State, 1964
    3. Undersecretary of State George Ball Urges Withdrawal from Vietnam, 1965
    4. Carl Wittman Issues a Gay Manifesto, 1969-70
  2. Essays:
    1. Frederik Logevall—“Johnson’s War: Flawed Decisions, Terrible Consequences

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