Question 1 (2 points) SavedThe step in the writing process where you begin to polish your draft is:Question 1 options:PlanningEditingRevisingSubmittingQuestion 2 (2 points) When you receive your work

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Question 1 (2 points) SavedThe step in the writing process where you begin to polish your draft is:Question 1 options:PlanningEditingRevisingSubmittingQuestion 2 (2 points) When you receive your work back from the Writing Center, which of the following should happen?Question 2 options:The Writing Center instructor will have rewritten all paragraphs for you to give you an idea of what the rest should look like.Ask for clarification of anything you don’t understand and write down all the Writing Center instructor’s practical advice.Ask the Writing Center instructor to summarize their remarks, then refute each one point-by-point using your first draft as an example.Don’t ask questions—just let the Writing Center instructor read the paper and make comments. Question 3 (2 points) At what point in the essay assignment should you visit the Writing Center?Question 3 options:The day the assignment is dueThe day before the assignment is dueSeveral days before the assignment is due or earlierAfter your instructor has returned your assignment with commentsQuestion 4 (2 points) When revising your writing, be sure to read it through the eyes of your _____.Question 4 options:audienceinstructortutorpeersQuestion 5 (2 points) While revising, be sure to make certain that what you are saying is _____.Question 5 options:persuasive, informative, and entertainingcaptivating, inspirational, and sequentialmotivating, technical, and full of jargonclear, focused, and understandable.Question 6 (2 points) When reviewing your writing to make sure that you completed the assignment as directed, that your thesis statement is clear, and that your writing overall works to support your thesis, you are evaluating for _______problems in your essay.Question 6 options:big pictureparagraphsentencegrammaticalQuestion 7 (2 points) What is the recommended amount of time to leave between revising your paper and editing it?Question 7 options:1 hour12 hours24 hours48 hoursQuestion 8 (2 points) Your first step in revising your essay is to look at the _____Question 8 options:quality of the details.big picture.reputation of the sources.validity of the conclusion. Question 9 (2 points) Which of the following is NOT one of the steps in the three-step revision process?Question 9 options:Big pictureWhole essayParagraphsSentencesQuestion 10 (2 points) During the revision process, one way to fix structural problems is to_____Question 10 options:eliminate transitionsput material into a sequence.eliminate supporting details.rewrite the sections that seem unclear.Question 11 (2 points) To revise the flow of ideas in your writing, consider______Question 11 options:the beginning and ending of each paragraph and how they fit together.your reader’s skepticism and address those objections.if your opening establishes a direction.if you have a compelling thesis statement. Question 12 (2 points) A reference list is _____Question 12 options:a photocopy of your research sources.a written list of the web addresses used in a piece of writing.a list of sources mentioned in a piece of writing.a set of facts and figures referenced in a piece of writing.Question 13 (2 points) The best way to define plagiarism is________Question 13 options:using a paraphrased idea from a source without noting the source.the use of someone else’s words, ideas, or images as if they were your own.including a phrase from a secondary source.providing a summary of another writer’s analysis.Question 14 (2 points) One possible consequence of plagiarizing is_______Question 14 options:being able to re-write the assignment without penalty.being transferred to another course.receiving an A on the assignment.a failing course grade.Question 15 (2 points) SavedOne hazard of plagiarism, besides academic penalties, is______Question 15 options:it will take too much time to finish an will gain the respect of your deprives you of the opportunity to learn.gaining good research skills.

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