PSYC303 Week 1 Discussion

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What is your understanding of cognitive psychology? How does cognition play into one’s awareness, recollection, understanding, communication, and even learning? How does one’s cognition play a key role in one’s identity?

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Minimum 200 words answer.

Classmate #1:

Dear Class and Professor,

Hello! I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Psychology. According to my calculations and judgements on my track of completing my degree, it will be finished by the end of this year. I am more excited than most because of my degree that will benefit me for the FBI Special Agent Position. I was in a criminal class before this which was led by a former FBI agent and not only did he teach me lessons, but also gave me crucial information that will forward me to success. So, just by me explaining my plan, I do not waste time, nor do I have time to waste. I have a daughter on the way which will hopefully make me mature more and open my eyes and see more of the future. I currently live in Middle Tennessee south of Nashville. I enjoy Tennessee but Miami Beach, Florida is where I really want to reside at. I conducted Active Duty for 5 years as a Military Police. I eventually got out of the service as an E-5/ Sergeant. I am currently a Geospatial Analyst that performs duties that involve maps and geographic locations. Regarding the fact that I would love to pursue the path of becoming an FBI agent, it takes more than just a bachelor’s degree. Becoming an agent would require a lot of skills and education that may also be equivalent to work experience. I was guided to this class to not only pursue my path to get my bachelor’s degree, but also to gain knowledge about this class and knowledge about psychology. Knowing the criminal’s mindsets and understanding their movements is what I am looking forward for. I am also enrolled in other classes that relate to my major. I am thrilled to discuss and read about others post.

Cognitive Psychology can range from identifying mental illness to understanding how the brain works. The Cognitive psychology have methods to assisting with identifying the issues that may result from brain trauma and illnesses. They are much to express that defines “cognitive psychology.” Cognitive Psychologist help with not only mental illnesses but also speech disorders and other disorders. Our brain works in different lifestyles depending on how we develop it during growth. If someone deals with a great amount of stress, then they can develop a great source of depression. When depression is in your daily lifetime then it can disrupt the daily routine and cause more stress. With that being stated, an individual with disorders, depression, and other mental illness can be harmful for one’s lifestyle. If people are developing these issues, then the best thing to do is discuss the problems with a cognitive psychologist.

Cherry, K. (2019, August 19). How Cognitive Psychology Explains the Science Behind Mental Processes. Retrieved from

Classmate #2:

Hello classmates,

I am excited to get another psychology course under my belt alongside all of you. I will go over my educational history and goals first. I have a history in education with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration w/focus in Marketing. I have found that I enjoy continuing education and I like to have as many options open as possible so I decided to pursue a second degree. This second degree is a Bachelors in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology w/focus in Human Resources. I like to have a broad spectrum of an educational history because you will never know where life will take you, and I want as many doors open as possible. After I complete this degree I will continue education, but this time it will be a MBA in Business Administration with a focus in Leadership most likely.

My name is _, and I have a wife and three daughters, aged 2, 3, & 5. They are a hand full but greatly worth the adventure. I have only held two jobs in my entire life time so far, (because I do not really count a little part time Uber driving) and those are 8 Years in the Marines, and I am currently working in the Insurance Industry as a Liability Adjuster for auto vehicle accidents and will soon be handling claims that involve injuries done by our policy holders. The line of work is busy, but its a good team work environment, and sometimes I get to make someones day and help get their life back to the way it was before an unfortunate accident. I have been out of the Marines for 6 months. I completed my first Degree in 2018 while still active duty in order to have a greater amount of job prospects when I left active service. I worked in the Ammunition Field and deployed in support of the War of Terrorism. I was lucky to be able to visit 3 continents and 9 countries while active duty while being deployed on the USS Wasp, and was stationed in Okinawa, Japan for 2 years.

I was born and raised in Georgia, and graduated from High School from Central Carroll High School in Carrollton Georgia. Carrollton is about an hour and a half west of Atlanta, right on the Alabama state line. I love Georgia Football! Go Dawgs! I am now living in Middle Georgia, South of Macon, in a smaller City named Perry. (Home to the Georgia Fair every year)

My learning goals for this course is really blank honestly. I do not know what to expect, which what makes it fun for me. My only goal is go leave with some knowledge that I didn’t have before the course started. I like to get information that I could apply in the real world. My interests outside of college would be shooting various firearms for sport at a shooting range, working towards going hunting more often, and I play drums, and have played drums since I was about 10 years old. I currently play for my local church on Sundays.

My understanding of cognitive psychology if I were answering the question in person would be the following; nothing. I do not mean to be simple or plain about it, but it’s true. I just simply do not know anything about cognitive psychology, and this is why I am excited for this week. I will be able to develop some basic understanding of the concept of cognitive through research. I searched the term and found a website that has some information relating to cognitive psychology with relative journals.

This site states that the concept of cognitive psychology is the “study of mental processes such as attention, language use, memory, perception, problem solving, creativity, and thinking.” (International Journal of School and Cognitive Psychology, n.d.) I find this concept to interesting. It appears that this concept encompasses a wide variety of study processes in order to help understand why people behave in a certain way in relation to their brain use. There can be studies into how memories are formed and kept in the human brain, etc. Someones own identity can be effected by their own interpretation of their own self worth, performance, and self view.

Like I said I have never this term until now, but I find it interesting. I hope that I have had some degree of accuracy in my forum post this week in regards to the Cognitive Psychology concept. If not please let me know! I really look forward to interacting within your own posts this week! I hope we have a great 8 weeks together!


International Journal of School and Cognitive PsychologyOpen Access. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Classmate #3:

My name is ___and I am originally from rural northern Wisconsin. I currently reside in rural western Wisconsin with my husband and our three young children. I spent ten year in the Air Force on active duty in Security Forces and I am currently employed as a management consultant for a financial tech company. I am currently working on a bachelor’s degree in psychology to utilize the last of my military benefits. I have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a master’s degree in business administration. My learning goals for this course is to develop a better understanding of cognitive psychology. One of my previous courses focused on careers in different sub specialties of psychology and I thought cognitive psychology was a point of interest for me. My interests outside of college range from a list of oddball hobbies that include gardening, canning and crocheting. I am also an avid runner and run virtual events that support charitable organizations.

My understanding of cognitive psychology is that it is the study of the mind and how it processes information and functions. Cognition is the acquiring of new information through experiences and senses and factors in to one’s awareness, recollection, understanding, communication and learning through the perception of the information received. Cognition plays a key role in our identities because through our own individual processes we may be receiving the same information but not perceiving it in the same way. Cognition plays into things such as learned responses, cultural values and beliefs. For example, Western cultures focus on individualism while Eastern Asian cultures are geared towards collectivism. Therefore, my cognitive processes are going to be significantly different than the cognitive processes of someone from Japan. Individuals can demonstrate their values, beliefs, and cultural norms through their cognitive processes which relates to their identities.

Minimum 200 word answer to each.

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