PROJECT OUTLINE Students will be assigned projects organized by countries. Each student will be assigned a topic/element. See list below. These topics/elements correspond to those that we have covered

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PROJECT OUTLINEStudents will be assigned projects organized by countries. Each student will be assigned a topic/element. See list below. Thesetopics/elements correspond to those that we have covered throughout the course which outlined and defined media.

Each student will then present their assigned topic/element as it plays out in the media of the specific country that has been assigned. For example, you may be assigned to Australia and individually you are assigned to journalism/censorship as a topic/element. So, you will be presenting a project focused on how the topic/element of journalism/ censorship plays out in Australian media.

Each student will create a Web page or PowerPoint presentation outlining with creative flair the characteristics of the media by assigned topic/element and country. The projects, submitted individually, should include each element covered (see below) along with all references used for the project listed by element (web pages with addresses, articles or textbooks used, etc.).

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You will also provide a comparative analysis of your topic in your assigned country and the United States. For example, compare public relations and propaganda in South Africa to public relations and propaganda in the United States.

Once finished, these projects will be uploaded using the Project Assignment Link.The due date for the project will be listed in Module 7.

To review, each student presents a distinct element/topic and how these topics/elements manifest in the media of the country, in television, movies, newspapers, magazines, etc., or you can present them all in the same format/medium. The emphasis or focus should be how topics/ elements are manifested in the media of that country. In other words, information must be directly relevant to media. The list below shows the elements/topics that we covered in the class.

**********My COUNTRY IS SPAIN *************



1. Free Speech, Censorship, & Journalism 2. Propaganda, Framing & Public Relations 3. Branding & Advertising4. Pop Culture & Storytelling in Media

5. Diversity & Stereotyping


1. Projects must be presented in either PowerPoint or Web Page formats that are PC friendly. I will need all the items included to be PC friendly as I will be using a PC to open and grade these projects.

2. The specific topic/element assigned to the student should be presented focusing on how that topic/element is manifested in the assigned country. (15-18 slides, if it’s a PowerPoint, or the equivalent if it’s a web site.)

3. The comparative analysis (2-5 slides).

4. A reference/ bibliography/ citation (depending on how many sources used)

5. Total # of slides: 18-26 (points deducted if <18)

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