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this discussion, refer to the two articles on your topic of interest that you
found in the Capella library.

Use the strong analysis to gather
information on each article you will use to prepare for this discussion. Create
a matrix, using the procedure outlined in the Developing a Matrix to Organize
Your Literature Review
media presentation, to develop the
information in your two articles. Identifying key variables and constructs of
interest in the articles under review should depend on questions such as:

·What are they measuring?

·What are they manipulating?

·What are they comparing?

·What are they contrasting?

·What relationships are they investigating?

answers to these questions will lead you to the key variables of interest in
the studies you review.


the following for this discussion:

·Present a summary of findings gleaned in the analysis of your
literature. Be sure to cite sources for each summative statement.

·On the basis of the summary, draw conclusions based on pros and
cons of the theories, the variables measured, and the assessment methods,
instruments, and material used.

·Evaluate findings from studies in review to identify questions
that remain unanswered, important elements that are missing in solving the
problem, or any gaps that indicate a need for further research in this area.…

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