PowerPoint. Make sure to follow all directions

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For this project, you will be
creating a PowerPoint presentation that addresses creative ways to integrate multicultural
education into the curriculum, reduce cultural stereotyping, and enhance
multicultural understanding.

Before you start your project, read
this web resource article, “Teaching With A Multicultural Perspective.” You can
find this article when you click on the link below. In terms of ethics, how can early childhood
educators influence the development of positive attitudes toward all races,
cultures and ethnic groups?  You will be
scored on a GEL for this project.  The
GEL is “identify ethical issues within the field of Early Childhood
development.”  After your title slide, this needs to be your
first slide.  On this slide you will
explain why ethically it is important for all educators to address
multiculturalism and diversity in the classroom.  Once you have explained this you will be
ready to begin.

your next five slides you will be providing suggestions for parents/teachers on
activities they could use to promote an understanding of other cultures in
addition to their own. Be sure to identify the age range for which the
activities would be appropriate. All of your activities need to be for the same
age group, and this age group needs to be identified on your title slide. In addition to our article under the web resource link in
this unit’s reading and the information in the text, you may find the web
resource article “Preschool Multicultural Activities” helpful.  Please remember that like any of your other submissions everything on
your power point slides needs to be in your own words.  If you use any idea or activity that you read
about in our unit 5 readings or another reliable source, you must provide an
in-text citation on your slide.  You will
include your full reference in APA format on your reference slide

Your power point is the type of
presentation that could be presented to students considering the profession,
parents, or to a conference of childcare professionals.

PowerPoint: The presentation should be a minimum of six slides in
length, not including the title and reference slide.  Your power point needs to be balanced
between the copy you write and the graphics you use.  While you will not be graded on the graphics
and pictures you use to enhance your slides, there must be something on the
slides besides words.  If you only
included words on your slide, then you might as well put the information in a
MS Word document.  Google Images is
wonderful and easy to use, and photos and pictures are easy to add to your
power point presentation.  If you need
help doing a power point, visit the Kaplan Writing Center in the evening when
there are live tutors available to work with you.  Please make sure that you understand what you
need to do before you begin.

“Teaching With A Multicultural Perspective.”

Preschool Multicultural Activities



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