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Imagine you are in charge of promoting fitness to a community group and create a presentation (using PowerPoint or another presentation tool that I can open) including all of the following points (information on some of these requirements can be found in your text):

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  • select a group to create this plan for–elementary/high school/college students, senior citizens, women, etc.
  • include specific activities in which they will participate in this program
  • what physical benefits will they receive by engaging in your program (reduce risk of diabetes, increase cardiovascular health, etc.)
  • requirements of frequency and duration
  • requirements of intensity
  • what results to expect in relation to muscle strength and endurance, flexibility
  • how to overcome barriers to committing to the program
  • how to adjust your program to meet their individual needs and possible limitations
  • your presentation must be a minimum of 10 slides
  • references are to be cited on a final (11th or above) slide
  • make your presentation colorful and interesting

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