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It is time to practice analyzing political cartoons. Complete the following steps for your assignment:

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  1. Visit Five Decades of Herblock on The Washington Post web site.
  2. Select
    1956–1965, and then select 1966–1975. For both selections, read the
    essays and view the five political cartoons associated with each decade:

    • Determine the issue of the respective historical moments that each of these cartoons critiques.
    • Note
      which visual elements (the actual drawing, including the layout and
      design) and verbal elements (the text, including titles and captions)
      are combined to produce particular meanings and effects in each cartoon.
  3. Select
    any five political cartoons from the Herblock collection. For each of
    the political cartoons you choose, write a paragraph analysis that does
    the following:

    • Identifies the vice, issue, or institution that the cartoon satirizes.
    • Analyzes the visual and verbal elements that combine to produce meaning and effect.
    • Identifies the elements of satire the creator uses. Refer to the list of elements above and those listed in the slideshow.
    • Evaluates the effectiveness of the satire. Are the cartoonist’s techniques effective? Why or why not?

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