POL SCI: respond D1

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Respond to at least one your peer’s comments.. Just few sentences. Don’t write too much!

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  • Give a personal example showing how government and politics affect you. Can you think of ways in which you can make a change.

The government and politics affects me in many ways such as my own personal health, which is why voting is very important to do to make a change in this country. The government is able to decide who gets health care and who doesn’t. Most Americans today don’t even have health care because it is very expensive or do not qualify for health insurance which is a huge problem. The government has control over the costs of treatments and control over who has to pay for it or not. I believe everyone should have free health care in order to run a healthy country assisting to everybody who is in need of it. It’s always important to vote as a citizen of the U.S. because every vote counts.

  • Do you identify with a particular political party? Why?

I identify as a Democrat because I agree with what they stand for such as emphasizing social equal rights, protecting the environment, justice, and opportunity for all. I come from a family of people who are immigrants and it’s important for me to stand for something that fights for the equality for everyone including my parents because everyone is human and deserves an opportunity.

  • Where do your political views, including values, beliefs, and attitudes, come from?

My political views, beliefs, and attitudes come from my religion and having faith overall for humanity and believing in what is right or wrong in this world. I think it’s always important to do the right thing and learn from our mistakes to make the world a better place not just for myself but for everyone as well.


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