Please turn in your Application Assignment 3 here. You can find a description of the assignment, questions, and a rubric below. Here is a student example Download tudent example, another example Downl

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Please turn in your Application Assignment 3 here. You can find a description of the assignment, questions, and a rubric below. Here is a student example Download tudent example, another example Download another exampleand you can find tips here Download you can find tips here. Understand these are just examples. You are not expected to use the same headers as the example. Step 3 tells you all of the required information.

Application Assignment #3: Educational Pamphlet Parents of Infants & Toddlers

What: In this assignment, you are aiming to demonstrate the following objectives:

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  • Explain different areas of development and important considerations during infancy and toddlerhood.

Why: It is important to be able to properly educate parents and others in the lay community.


  1. Choose a topic (don’t feel like you have to add every single detail from the textbook or other credible source)

    • Cognitive Development (i.e., Piaget)
    • Psychosocial Development &/or Erikson’s Autonomy vs Shame & Doubt
    • Language
    • Nutrition including breastfeeding
    • Parenting Styles
  2. Create a 6 sided pamphlet (i.e., only one side can contain only photos; The remaining slides can be text only or text and photos).
    • A pamphlet is a small, unbound single subject hand-out that provides less, but more focused information than a brochure. Pamphlets are most commonly used to educate the reader about a particular topic.
    • You may submit a Word document (search templates for brochures) or PDF. Please don’t paste your brochure on a Word document like the examples.Canva.comLinks to an external site. has some templates and allows you to save as a PDF.  (i.e., make sure you look for the FREE templates).
  1. Include the following information

    • Introduction to your topic (i.e., description). Consider the reasons this topic is important.
    • Identify and elaborate on important concepts regarding the topic (i.e., you may use the textbook and any credible sources for information)
    • Use language parents would understand
    • At least 3 resources that parents can use to learn more on your topic;  each resource should have a brief description (e.g., reputable books, podcasts, websites, etc)
    • Do not plagiarize. You must still summarize and paraphrase any info you use from any source. Since the pamphlet is small, I won’t require in-text citations but you should list your sources under the parent resources area. They should be referenced by identifying them with a brief description such as ‘According to the CDC’ to give them credit.
  2. Review your pamphlet for grammar and spelling. Review your information to ensure that it is accurate, clear, and substantive. Check your information against the rubric.
  3. Be mindful of the visual design of your pamphlet. All details should be legible, balanced, organized, and aesthetically pleasing.

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