Please respond to the following Bus 475 Week #3 discussion. Learning about Safe Assignment.

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Discussion for Week 3

Safe Assignment discussion

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Last week I noticed that the week 3 and week 4 discussions were identical. That was a major problem because I wanted you to learn about Safe Assign in week 3. You need to know about Safe Assign to avoid having your paper rejected for Assignment 1. A bad Safe Assign score is the number one reason for students getting a bad grade on their first assignment. Therefore, last week I changed the week 3 discussion to a study of Safe Assign and original writing. I kept the week 4 discussion about regulatory agencies.

However, before I changed the week 3 discussion, some of you replied to it. That’s ok. What I want you to do is copy your answer and paste it into the week 4 discussion about regulatory agencies, Then you can answer the week 3 discussion about Safe Assign.

Please do not shrug off this week’s discussion about Safe Assign. I want you to do well in this class, but you must understand that Safe Assign measures writing that is not your original writing. Original writing uses your own words and sentences. Unoriginal writing is copying someone else’s writing. Quotations are unoriginal writing, so you need to summarize what the experts say. Don’t quote them. Summarize them in your own words and sentences to avoid a bad Safe Assign score.

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