PLEASE EDIT JOB DESCRIPTION AND COMBINE SUMMARY 1 AND 2 Life Science Nutraceuticals, INC 2021October Warehouse Operations Management Positions – Miami, FL and Las Vegas, NV JOB DETAILS Type (full/p

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Life Science Nutraceuticals, INC 2021October

Warehouse Operations Management Positions – Miami, FL and Las Vegas, NV

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Type (full/part time): Full-time

Work location(s): Miami, New York, Las Vegas, Detroit, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, France, Germany, Wexford, Ireland, England, Brisbane, Recife, and Vancouver

Application method: Online at

Company’s website:



Life Science Nutraceuticals (LSN) started as a small apothecary that grossed $208,000 a year in 1938 producing a home energy elixir. This elixir was based on Ian Marvel’s mother’s home remedy elixir and gained a lot of popularity after its release to the public. The product started in Yonkers and is now sold all over the world, grossing $35 billion in 2020. Big companies such as Pfizer, Merke, and Johnson & Johnson are interested in investing in all of the new products of LSN. Due to growing popularity, LSN is looking to expand our team. LSN looks to help our community of consumers to achieve their full potential for health and well-being in the most natural of ways. We want to be the leading provider of effective products and services that are safe and affordable and exceed customer expectations.


Life Science Nutraceuticals’ mission is to be a dominant provider of products that are effective and safe services that are affordable and exceed customer expectations. LSN believes in Customer-centricity, innovation, knowledge and sustainability. From the start of our first product until now, the growth of the bio-nutraceutical marketplace is catching the attention of major pharmaceutical companies. At this time our newest operations are looking for warehouse managers to carry forth the achievement of the company’s mission, vision, and goals.


Essential duties and responsibilities

LSN is looking for experienced warehouse leaders to fill the Warehouse Operations positions in Las Vegas, NV and Miami, FL. This position requires a leader who installs confidence in the ability to effectively execute warehouse operations to successfully meet the organizations mission and vision:

Company mission: To be the leading provider of effective products and services that are safe and affordable and exceed customer expectations.

Company Vision: To help our community of customers to achieve their full potential for health and well-being in the most natural of ways.

Leaders must display transactional leadership abilities to influence, motivate, and inspire others to achieve the goals of the organization. LSN is looking for a professional that has effective conflict management skills and enforces a cohesive workplace. Leaders must have compassion for integrity, communicating dynamically, and ability to challenge subordinates to encourage individual beliefs, values, ethics, character, knowledge, and skills. Leaders must maintain a customer centric outlook while creating a cultically diverse work environment. All LSN warehouse leaders are required to be innovative and passionate about the organization’s success with extensive knowledge in operations that enhances the businesses success. All leaders must maintain a sustainable organization for profit and planet.

Skills, Competencies and Experiences

Customer Centricity

Manage Cultural Interests through awareness, creating a safe environment for employees with accessibility to resources. Hold employees accountable to best workplace practices including acceptance, respect, and communication. (SHRM, 2008, para 5)

Create long term customer relationships through positive interactions, effective support, and understanding the total needs of the customer. (Galbreath, J. & Rogers, T.,1999).

Appreciate diversity through the ability to build and maintain relationships. Including but not limited to, fostering meaningful conversations through respect, and understanding each person’s individual uniqueness. (Comstock, 2021, para 5).

Provide excellent communication skills with the ability to actively listen, communicate effectively, and provide feedback across all communication methods. (Comstock, 2021, para 7).


Promote regular training for improved job knowledge and skills assessment based on requirements of various jobs. Work with employees individually to create a progression plan for job knowledge and skills. Document trainings and report as necessary to follow health and safety regulations. (Kirkpatrick & Locke, 1991, p 58).

Develop a plan for implementing change in organizational culture and structure that aligns with business goals through effective training and employee support. (Maloney, 2019).

Use creative problem-solving skills to assist with decision making. Ensuring that all alternative solutions are explored, and risk assessment is completed to anticipate possible outcomes. (Indeed Editorial Team, 2021, para 5).

Ability to learn in a changing environment through asking clarifying questions, research, critical thinking, and analysis of alternate perspectives. (Indeed, Editorial Team, 2021, para 3).


Understand industry expectations, the history of the organization and types of technology used to meet production goals. (Kirkpatrick & Locke, 1991, p 55).

Recognize current organization belief system including daily practices, viewpoints with awareness of potential structural changes. Adjust for expected employee pushback and reasoning. (Life Science Nutraceuticals, Inc. (LSN) Company Profile, 2021, p 4-6)

Commitment to the organization mission, values, and goals. (Comstock, 2021).

Manage information about organizational policies and safety regulations keeping with federal operating guidelines. (Kirkpatrick & Locke, 1991, p 55).


Devoted to preservation economically, environmentally, and socially to meet current needs. (LSN Company Profile, 2021, p 4-6).

Provide the community with homes focusing on the needs of the present without compromising future resources. (LSN Company Profile, 2021, p 4-6).

Adaptable to change to meet current and future economic, environmental, and social needs. (Kirkpatrick & Locke, 1991, p 58).

Committed to research needs to sustain present and future organization resources. (Comstock, 2021).


Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Business Management, Leadership in Business or other related degree programs including Military experience or equivalent to more than 5 years of relative work experience.

Previous industry specific experience preferred however not required.

United States Citizen or authorization to work in the United States with proper documentation.

The Skills, Competencies and Experiences portion of the job announcement includes desired traits based on LSN’s four core values: Customer-centricity, Innovation, Knowledge and Sustainability. (LSN Profile, 2021, p 4-5). The desired traits listed are observable and measurable to ensure they are effective for leadership. The ideal candidate would have a combination of soft and hard skills to lead LSN as it prepares for organizational restructuring. (UMGC, 2021, para 6).

Customer Centricity is the mindset used during the process of decision making to consider the effect or possible outcome a decision may have on customers. This value focuses on the targeted customer, understanding how a customer thinks, how they feel, why they make certain purchases and the overall need of the customer to create a long-term relationship. (LSN profile, 2021, p 4). Using this information, LSN was able to identify specific customer centricity traits to offer the most value to customers. LSN is looking to improve cultural awareness and diversity, while creating long term customer relationships through positive interactions and communication. (Comstock, 2021., Galbreath. J. & Rogers, T., 1999., and SHRM, 2008.)

Innovation is the practice of implementing ideas which would result in new or improved goods and services. To stay competitive in the industry, LSN will need to hire a candidate that can promote regular training for improved job knowledge and develop a plan for organizational change. (Kirkpatrick & Locke, 1991., and Maloney, 2019). In addition, LSN would benefit from implementing a stronger sense of culture combining business goals with employee support. (Maloney, 2019). Part of the innovation process is adaptability in a changing environment. (Indeed Editorial Team, 2021, para 3). While LSN is preparing for an organizational and cultural shift to stay current in the industry, the desired candidate will need to familiarize themselves with the current company perspective and explore creative alternatives for success. (LSN Profile, 2021, p 4-5).

Knowledge is a core value that identifies a person’s skills, perception, reasoning, values, beliefs, memory, education, and experience. A candidate’s ability to understand industry expectations, the history of the organization and types of technology used will be crucial to meet production goals. (Kirkpatrick & Locke, 1991, p 56-57). The candidate will need to understand

LSN’s current mission and values, as well as be committed to new organization goals. (LSN Company Profile, 2021, para 6).

Sustainability focuses on meeting the current needs of LSN without compromising future generation’s ability to meet needs. Sustainability is based on preservation of economic, environmental, and social resources. (LSN profile, 2021, p5). The candidate will need to understand sustainability efforts, as well as be committed to research and use of organization resources. (Comstock, 2021, para 1).


When selecting a candidate, LSN aims to have qualified leadership. While previous industry specific experience is preferred, it is not required. LSN is seeking a candidate who will be an effective leader, and able to manage several aspects of this job.

It is essential that LSN hires experiences warehouse management to fill the Las Vegas, NV and Miami, FL management positions. Leadership is an ever-changing crisis that consistently evolves throughout modern-day organizations. It is important to observe and adapt to different leadership traits as organizations develop throughout time to alleviate discrepancies and failures among employees and the organization. Experienced leaders often possess effective leadership traits that will increase the employee moral that the organization is currently lacking and the future success of the business. Leaders who are driven to achieve organizational goals have a relative high ambition for accomplishment (Kirkpatrick & Locke, 1991). While it is important for leaders to have passion for the success of the organizations, it is more so important for leaders to achieve success through transformational leadership styles. This leadership theory encompasses empowerment between leader-employee relationships through motivation, influence and inspiration (Aldrin & Gayatri, 2014).


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