Please answer all the questions below

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Please answer all the questions below:

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1- Having tracked your consumption, purchases, energy use, and general lifestyle this semester, identify three examples you are proud of in terms of how you live your life… and three areas for improvement. Give examples.

2- In class, we discussed Ben Franklin’s list of 13 virtues and the idea of compiling a list of virtues in hopes of living a virtuous life. Put together a list of your own 10 virtues and give an example for each one.

3- I hope that the project of tracking and recording your actions this semester regarding civility, the environment, and so on was helpful in getting you to reflect on your lifestyle and values. That said, identify three events, people, or occurrences that influenced or shaped your lifestyle and values.

4- What are some of the causes of incivility and bullying among your generation? Do you feel it is a problem online, with your generation, and on campus?

5-If you were asked to organize an orientation for new students on campus and were told to have a civility session as a part of it, what would you do? What activities or lessons do you think would help to promote civility on campus?

For the text below please paraphrase it and make it different, so the professor will not catch me.

Deborah Oppenheimer a filmmaker producer and writer. She is a board memeber of the U. S. Holocaust Memorial Muesam. Two takeaways that relate to the theme of history of justice and injustice is the transactional movement of her mother Gloria. Debra’s mom was rescued, and had no time but to be sent away to Germany on a train. She was never able to see her parents again or even say goodbye’s. Debra’s mom cried herself to sleep for 3 years. As the war came to an end there was a list of all the dead people. At age 62 her mom was disagonised with lung cancer. The second take away that I can learn from this tragic sad story was the amazing women Debra is. All the obstacles she has overcame and now today is a Vice President at NBC universal. When Debra’s dad turned 90, he decided they wanted to go on a boat for a cruise and invited Robert Watson to join. After that day they became closer to Robert and made a realtionship with him. Debra talks about the film making the Academy Award-winning documentary’s into the Arms of Strangers. In 1998 some poeple started speaking in schools. In the arms of strangers 3 people had passed away after the film. Debra is such a strong women who deserves everything and I was glad to hear her story and learn that there is so much to be thankful for and blessed.

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