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Relevant clinical practice based problem/topic-this topic will be used for assignment 2 so I want someone to be able to do this assignment AND the assignment 2 next week. NO student can present the same PICOT question.

Need 1 reference and just answer the questions with regards to PICO. Each letter.

Practice writing PICOT question for Assignment 2 (see link for PICO(T))- the topic chosen here WILL be used for Assignment 2 http://learntech.physiol.ox.ac.uk/cochrane_tutorial/cochlibd0e84.php

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mechanically ventilated in the critical care unit,

In the elderly population, how does receiving the influenza vaccine compared to not receiving it affect the odds of contracting the flu during flu season?,

In pregnant women (P), how does smoking marijuana (I), compared to not smoking marijuana (C), affect fetal birth weight (O) with in the 40 weeks in-utero (T)?

For adults over the age of 65 (P) does a daily 30 minute exercise regimen (I) reduce the future risk of heart,

Will CHF patients with preserved ejection fraction,

In (P) adults with anxiety after a cancer diagnosis does


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