Personal Narrative (Revision)

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Prof’s prompt

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Prompt (you can also choose a prompt from a specific college you will be applying to; clear this prompt with your TA). If not, write on the prompt below:

Over the course of college, you have probably experienced shifts in your own personal views/perception of the world around you. In a well-organized 500-700 word essay, write about how you personally believe you have developed over the course of college. In your paper, focus on a specific event that defined you as a person.

  • Think of a Memorable Event

A personal narrative can focus on any event during college, whether it is one that lasted a few seconds or it spanned a few years.

  • Your topic can reflect your personality, or it can reveal an event that shaped your outlooks and opinions. But your story should have a clear point.
  • you could write about a learning experience that challenged and changed you
  • you could describe a new discovery that came about in an interesting way
  • you could write about a lesson you learned the hard way

For your initial or final draft, you have the option to turn the personal narrative into a personal statement for Law School or Medical School, etc. This is not required, but you could tailor the assignment to something that might be helpful for graduate school.

I uploaded my personal statement for applying college. This paper is more about things happened before hight school.

I need you to simply keep the story but let it happen in college.

Please revise it with the prompt above.

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