Part 3 of capstone paper

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Hello guys. I am working on the writing capstone project for my MBA. I am currently on the 3rd part that I need help writing. I have attached the first two parts which are justification for the organization and the implementation plan for the organization project. In this third part you will need to write about the following prompt provided in the guidelines attached.

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The total pages for this portion of the paper is 5 pages, single spaced, times new roman 12 inch font with 1 inch margins. This is for a capstone project so I need someone that writes well, is a native English speaker, and is an expert in the business field. If you are bidding on this question I am expecting that you meet these requirements. Bad grammar, bad writing that does not make sense or answer the questions required in the guidelines will not be paid. Plagiarism will also result in a refund request.

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