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the following scenario:

  • You are employees of a security oriented organization. You have been tasked with developing a change proposal in an attempt to convince senior management to implement the change initiative you have chosen.

(340 WORDS)

What are the action steps needed to implement the change, including gaining managerial support and necessary resources & What resistance do you anticipate in implementing the change?

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The beneficial aspects of the change initiative.


paper and presentation consistent with APA guidelines.


Implementing Change Implementing Change Implementing Change Minimizing the physical security personnel and implementing new and more technical equipment use is the change initiative we propose. When minimizing the physical security personnel, the organization can save money by having fewer paid employees on the clock. By saving money with fewer physical security personnel, productivity will increase. For technical equipment use, implementing tilt and zoom surveillance camera systems and CCTV monitoring units for every structure we provide security for can improve organizational productivity by valuable assets for the organization. Video footage of unauthorized access, video footage of internal and external thefts, live video feed to identify suspicious people or objects, Evidence base material for court purposes, prevention towards possible incidents, and the viewpoint for multiple sensitive areas at once is the valuable assets. The valuable assets improve organizational productivity by minimizing or eliminating hazards, threats, crimes, and mischievous acts. “Monitoring could help by driving away those most inclined toward theft, and pushing the remaining employees toward increasing their incomes by doing the right things, if the workers share in the increased productivity in a way that is relatable and understandable” (Stone, 2013). The impact from the physical to technical change initiative will have different affects for the organization, the procedural, and the individual as well. The impact on the organization will be beneficial for productivity will increase and that values of our services will rise and attract more clients. The impact on the procedural will cause significant changes for policy and procedures will be adjusted and training on equipment use will be utilized. The impact on the individual will vary for some individual personnel will be minimized, while others will have a much more accredited training for equipment use. “The study, which was aimed at the effects of surveillance in the restaurant industry, has implications for warehousing and distribution, as many of the same factors are present as in lower wage workers, high-pressure situations, and customer demands” (Stone, 2013). References Stone, S. (2013). Industrial Security: Does Surveillance Increase Productivity? Retrieved on March 19, 2017, from,

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