Operational overview of Southwest Airlines. Why is the company so successful?, assignment help

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Please analyze Southwest Airlines, identify the reasons why the
company has been successful in the unattractive industry, and predict
its future. You need to research the company, using a variety of
reliable sources such as books, journal articles, library database,
trustworthy news media, credible Web sources, etc. After collecting
relevant information, you need to evaluate and draw conclusions based on
deductive reasoning. Your response should include the following

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  1. Operational overview of Southwest Airlines. Why is the company so successful?
  2. Current economic condition of the airline industry. How would this affect Southwest Airlines?
  3. Current operational issues or challenges within Southwest Airlines. How can Southwest Airlines take on the issues or challenges?
  4. Trends for the future within the operational segment. How can Southwest Airlines remain competitive in the future?

effectively address the above questions, you are expected to write an
evaluation essay (with the headings preferred) using deductive
reasoning. Here are a few tips:

  • The
    purpose of an evaluation essay is to present an opinion or viewpoint on
    a subject or body of work. The writer should firstly provide a summary
    of the company in question, then present a point-of-view supported with
    clear examples and evidence, using a thorough, well-structured argument
    so that the evaluation seems reasoned and unbiased.
  • Deductive
    reasoning starts with a general principle and deduces that it applies
    to a specific case. Deductive reasoning moves with exacting precision
    from the assumed truth of a set of premises to a conclusion which cannot
    be false if those premises are true. Explain the deductive reasoning
    process applied to analyze the firm’s performance.

Please type up answers in MS Word, font 12, double-spaced. The assignment must be at least three pages in length.

Remember to properly cite all your sources using APA style.


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