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SMART Objectives

Write three separate meeting objectives using the SMART approach. Use the examples provided in the handout for chapter 9. You must write three different objectives. They can’t all be the same objective and just change the organization name. Some examples of topics you can write objectives for:

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Attendance, membership, certifications, awareness of organization or programs/services, etc. *Be creative and think outside the box. Don’t just use these topics because they are given.

I will look for the following in your objectives:

• written using the SMART approach
• begin with a verb: (e.g. achieve, promote, understand, design)
• address a single item
• list a target date for completion
• include cost factors (if applicable)

• include who is responsible for accomplishing the objective (ie. sales manager, event manager, marketing department, etc)

Example 1:

1. The International Association of Festivals will create a junior professional certification program by the 2020 annual training convention.

2. The Department of Innovation will design new promotional giveaways for the 2021 Scarlet County Fair within the given $300,000 budget.

3. The Walk for An Important Cause Social Media Committee will generate a 15% increase of Instagram followers by the 2019 Walk for An Important Cause in Washington D.C.

Example 2:

1. The creative department of Stampin Up! will prepare 4 new “Featured Products” for the web page, stampinup.com for the Summer Creative Kick-off June 1, 2019.

2. The West Jordan Western Stampede marketing department will increase sponsorship by 2 in each of the Ruby and Sapphire sponsor categories by the date of 01 April 2020.

3. The sales department of TX Music Educators Association will sell 26,000 tickets for the 2020 Music Clinic/Convention held February 13 – 16, 2020 in San Antonio Texas.


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