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These are the instructions handed to me for the Essay. While writing the essay, along with summarizing the article and what it means develop a claim about the article and how the author of the article makes the article and how the author either failed to support or how it supported your claim about the article. (You can run your claim by me or ask any questions before writing the whole essay so it makes more sense)

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The link below will direct you to the article:

https://www.newyorker.com/culture/annals-of-appearances/the-shifting-perspective-in-kehinde-wileys-portrait-of-barack-obama (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

The first step is to take your time reading the article. You do not have to read the article in one sitting. You can return to the reading as many times as you need to. If you choose to, you can print out the article; read it carefully; take notes; underline phrases or key parts of the article that lead to your understanding it. You can also review the Writing Prompt to help you begin drafting your written, analytical essay.

While reading, you may encounter unfamiliar terms or phrases. Some of these terms or phrases may be defined in the article, but some of the other terms are not. You may also encounter terms that are familiar but used in unusual ways.

Whenever you encounter terms such as these, we recommend that you consult a dictionary or an online search engine. Researching the meaning of these terms may deepen your understanding of the article’s content. Try to determine which of the unfamiliar terms are most crucial to understanding the article. Paying attention to the context, or the words and ideas around a confusing word or phrase, can also help you make sense of an unfamiliar idea.

You may also find it helpful to scan the article for statements about the key concept you want to focus on—such as representation—and underline (or highlight) these. Doing so may help you consider your options and select the statement(s) to which you will respond in your essay.

In class you will write an essay that both summarizes and analyzes the article (about 800 words). Present your analysis as a persuasive essay, using evidence from the article to support your claims about the information and ideas that the article lays out. Develop a claim or argument about aspects of the article. Support your claim using specific quotes and examples from the text.

The primary audience for this essay will be writing instructors who will read your essay. As writing instructors, we are interested in your ability to develop a clear position and to support that position using specific evidence.

Therefore, we suggest that you keep the following guidelines in mind:

Focus: Your essay should be developed around a clear central thesis statement, drawing on evidence from the article to illustrate or support your argument. A guiding question to answer might be, what do you take to be the author’s main point?

Structure: Your essay should be clearly organized in a way that elaborates on and supports your essay’s central thesis. Individual paragraphs should be cohesive, and your reader should be able to follow the logical progression of the ideas from one paragraph to the next. Guiding questions might be, as you were reading the article what did you find most interesting, confusing or surprising? Why? You may wish to begin writing by exploring these moments and how the moments relate to the author’s main point.

Evidence/Analysis: Make sure that you support your claims with well-chosen examples from the article and that you explain clearly how each example supports your points. Develop your own claims using specific quotes and examples from the article.


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