Nursing Conflict Resolution/Management.

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Use the attached samples to write a similar Scenario. Do Not Plagiarize

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Assignment: submit a written conflict scenario utilizing the Rubric. Please ensure that you review the Rubric as it will be utilize to grade the assignment. The assignment must show the agreed upon solution. FOLLOW THE RUBRIC!!

As a nurse manager/leader, you will be confronted with conflict situations with team members, physicians, patients and families. The nurse manager is often required to respond to critical incidents among employees or to make a decision about a difficult disciplinary situation. Through role-play and discussion, this lab simulation will help students practice problem solving skills, communication techniques and effective conflict resolution management. Submit a write-up of the scenario with at least one peer-reviewed reference that supports conflict resolution method(s) utilized in the simulation.

Example of Conflict Scenario (THIS IS AN EXAMPLE AND CAN NOT BE USED)

Four nurses are assigned to write a new policy together. It soon becomes obvious that one team member has not been doing his/her part of the assignment due to increasing work demands. One of the members has called this meeting to discuss and resolve the situation.

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