NRP508 Practicing in Rural Communities

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  • Identify the practicing guidelines for this region as it relates to the NP.
  • What challenges will you face caring for patients in this location? Consider the lack of resources available to nurses and patients in rural communities.
  • Identify two chief complaints that are common among patients in this area.
  • How will you educate the patients in this community to decrease the number of patients seen for these medical conditions?
  • What are the benefits of practicing in rural areas?
  • Identify recruitment strategies that will persuade an NP to practice in this region.
  • What professional boundaries might you encounter practicing in this area and how will you ensure to not cross those boundaries?
  • What issues may arise if NPs aren’t given full practice authority in this area, if applicable?
  • Identify solutions to any obstacles that might discourage an NP from practicing in this rural area.

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