need help with sociology question

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Symbolic boundaries refer to those boundaries and lines that include and define some people, groups and things that exclude others. In most instances, these differences and distinctions can be expressed through normative taboos, practices, and cultural attitudes and in a general way through patterns of likes and dislikes. In essence, they play a vital role in creating inequality and exercise of power and intertwined and related to socioeconomic status. For instance, gender and the sexual boundary are a symbolic boundary that has come under scrutiny. Women have been seen to be others thus much is at stake in labeling behaviors and attitudes as a masculine and feminine. Use of categories such as men, women or black or white is some of the names that are used to marginalize a particular group in accessing various resources. In essence, the black have been looked down upon by most European countries thus depicting the blacks not to have the same opportunity as whites. On the other hand, women have been depicted to be housewives, and thus, they’re not supposed to go to school and study or work at higher positions. Treating women as others make an economy to grow slowly since it denies equal opportunities to women as men.
 I want to see in-text citations for all of the information your citing in your post. Its a great overview of symbolic boundaries as they relate to gender. I would love for you to describe the concept of othering you are discussing here and expand on how women are “othered” beyond the image of the housewife. Related to the economy, how is this accomplished structurally?

that is my origional post i need help revising it

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