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on “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?”

Three years ago The
magazine published an article by Stephen Marche with the
provocative title, “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?”  Well, is it?

Begin by reading the article (it’s about 6 pages in the
original).  You can find it online at:

Next, please identify TWO specific things you find in the
article that you personally either agree or disagree with, based on your own
experience and observations about Facebook (or the social network site you use
most often, or social networking sites more generally, if you are not on
Facebook).  Be especially sensitive
comments by the author that you disagree with in part, but can also find
something to agree with.  What you choose
to comment on in the article is up to you, but be sure to read the entire
article so that you understand the author’s position.

Then write an essay of more than one page but less than two
.  For each point you wish to
comment on, you should explain in your own words what the article has to say
and then why you agree or disagree

Illustrate your position with examples based on your own personal
.  That’s 1-2 pages typed,
double-spaced, proofed and corrected.  Using
correct English matters.  Points will be
deducted for work that does not meet this requirement as well as for papers that
inaccurately portray what the article has to say or fail to explain and
illustrate your own position.

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