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Achieva,You have just been called in to help managers at Achieva, a fast-growing Internet software company that specializes in busi-ness-to-business (B2B) network software. Your job is to help Achie-va solve some management prob-lems that have arisen because of its rapid growth. Customer demand to license  Achieva’s software has boomed so much in just two years that more than 50 new software pro-grammers have been added to help develop a new range of soft-ware products. Achieva’s growth has been so swift that the com-pany still operates informally, its organizational structure is loose and flexible, and programmers are encouraged to find solutions to problems as they go along.  Although this structure worked well in the past, you have been told that problems are arising. There have been increasing complaints from employees that good performance is not being recognized in the organization and that they do not feel equita-bly treated. Moreover, there have been complaints about getting managers to listen to their new ideas and to act on them. A bad atmosphere is developing in the company, and recently several talented employees left. Your  job is to help Achieva’s manag-ers solve these problems quickly and keep the company on the fast track. 

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1. What kinds of organizing and controlling problems is  Achieva suffering from? 

2. What kinds of management changes need to be made?

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