Music Response

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Jazz, the foundation of much popular music such as rock and roll, is what will be explored in this week’s discussion. Select one Jazz composer that is not covered in the course text. Choose someone who is not on this list:  Scott Joplin, Sippie Wallace, Original Dixieland Jazz Band, Louis Armstrong, and Jelly Roll Morton.

Write your post from the perspective of your chosen composer.  Discuss the style of his or her music. Explain how this composer influenced the development of jazz and how his or her contributions have impacted popular American music. 

Write from the composer’s perspective. Do not just include a biography of the composer. The focus should be on:

  • the style of music
  • contributions to the evolution of Jazz music
  • the impact this composer’s music has had on popular American music. 

Include a YouTube link featuring a performance of your chosen Jazz composer’s music. Write in your own words and cite your sources.

Initial posts are to be a minimum of 250 words.

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