Much of this unit focused on the potential issues that an over-reliance on technology can create. You have two options to choose from (Narrative or Analysis). Read through the two options and choose

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Much of this unit focused on the potential issues that an over-reliance on technology can create.  You have two options to choose from (Narrative or Analysis). Read through the two options and choose one to complete.


In this creative writing assignment, you have the chance to produce what is called speculative fiction. Speculative fiction is one way of imagining new worlds. It also has a deep history in the creation of alternative Black futures, perhaps most recognizably through the film Black Panther and the work of Octavia Butler. Here’s Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid’s Tale, among other novels, describing Speculative Fiction. Watch the clip and read the text to get her perspective.

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Take a look at the article, Creative Writing Prompts for Sci-Fi & Fantasy Lovers, to get a brief sense of speculative fiction. There are also a number of prompts available at this link. Choose one of the prompts, or just start writing on your own if you want, as a means to jump-start a narrative account of issues related to learning, design, and technology in this alternative world. Oftentimes, speculative fiction imagines futures (or re-envisions the present day) that feel dystopian or utopian. One critical part of this assignment is that you demonstrate an understanding of one of these three areas–learning, design, and technology–and the ways in which they shape the world you are imagining. Please be explicit about the area on which you are focusing (i.e. title your paper: “Speculative Fiction: Learning” or “Speculative Fiction: Design”, etc.)

Links: Alternative Black Features:

Octavia Butler:

Speculative Fiction:

Creative Writing Prompts for Sci-Fi & Fantasy Lovers:


In this assignment, you will use the 2021 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report, particularly its focus on “Technological Trends,” as inspiration to make predictions about the learning technologies that will shape the future. This analysis, then, will demand that you:

-Choose three technologies (they can be from the Horizon Report, but do not have to be) that you think will shape the future of learning.

-Research those technologies, gathering legitimate sources beyond the Horizon report (news articles, popular press pieces, etc.) Check here to get a sense of possible popular press outlets to search as well as where they land on the spectrum of political bias. This is just a starting point; not all of your sources will necessarily come from here. While there is not a set number of sources you must use, we imagine that your discussion on each technology will weave in more than one source in order to bolster your prediction.

-Make your predictions based on your research.

-Note: While you use research to guide your analysis, much of this can be written in your own words. However, please list the references that influence your thinking at the end of your paper.

Links: 2021 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report:



  • 750 words or more.
  • Connections made back to lessons, or readings (or videos, podcasts, etc.), demonstrate understanding of material and adequately support the argument you are making.
  • Prompt is clearly followed (not necessarily word for word, but it is evident that you have understood the prompt and used it as inspiration).
  • Demonstrates some sense of originality, creativity, or genuine engagement with issues at hand.
  • There is a logical flow that supports main points.
  • Writing is clear and well-organized with zero typos.

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