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Once Aggregate Planning is finished and the Master Product Schedule is published, the next step in the process is developing the Material Requirement Plan (MRP). The MRP is simply a list of the items that you will need to produce your product and when you will need them. In this assignment, we will look at MRP, its extension MRP II, and the development of ERP systems.

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Review the module resources associated with the three planning techniques. Describe and compare MRP, MRP II, and ERP. Identify a company and review their planning technique(s). Consider reviewing the planning technique used by your current or former employer. Describe the technique used by your selected company.

Write & Submit

Write a 500-750 word (two to three pages) paper using current APA formatting. Include the following:

  • Description and comparison of the three planning techniques
  • Brief overview of your selected company
  • Explanation of the planning technique used by your selected company and why you believe they selected that technique.

Include a title and reference page, and at least two peer-reviewed references. Use terminology from your readings.

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