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Format/ Requirements:Title Page: With your name, the format you have used to cite your sources and an ORIGINAL title for your essay (i.e., not take- home exam question). 3-4 pages, double spaced (excluding question, and, if applicable, representation) Times new Roman Font. Thesis required! – In your intro, paragraph you need to tell me what you are doing in your essay (i.e., in this essay I will analyze/ create _________ monster, and indicate how they conform to three of Cohen’s theses) References: Your essay should draw on and cite the reading and the lecture on monsters. You must cite these in your text and include a bibliography where you reference the reading by Cohen and the lecture. You may use any format you like for your citation, but please be consistent, and indicate which format you have used on your title page.

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Question: :Monster analysis

For this option, you will be using Cohen’s theses to analyze a monster (Cohens theses will be attached below). This can be a monster from popular culture (film, series, novel, etc.), history (contemporary or not), or a myth (but not a monster we have discussed in class, i.e Golem, Windigo, Medusa, Lilith). Your essay should include an introductory paragraph with a thesis, a short introduction to the context of your monster (the movie/ series, time period/ context), an analysis in which you explain how this monster exemplifies OR challenges THREE of Cohen’s seven theses (here, you will need to explain what each of these theses means (by citing Cohen AND our lecture on monsters both will be attached below lecture and theses), a conclusion in which you reflect on the implications of this analysis (does it change the way you think about this monster, does it surprise you, what might it tell us about ourselves? etc.), and a bibliography (citing our lecture on monsters, Cohen’s chapter, and the source your monster is from (the film, or series; if you chose a historical figure, you should use at least one source to talk about this figure and their importance).

Please use the lecture and theses attached below.

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