Monitoring Project Risk

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Part I:

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This is a Library Research assignment. Please follow the steps below to find one of the articles listed and discuss the questions that follow:

  1. Enter the CTU Library, and select “Find Article and Ebooks.”
  2. Select the ABI Inform Collection (ProQuest) database.
  3. Search for 1 of the following articles:
    • Asad. (2015). An investigation into risk management strategies in projects.
    • Ahmed, Fekete, & Ligetvári. (2015). Risk evaluation of strategic indicators.
  4. Use the Cite icon to find the APA 6th Edition format of your chosen article.
  5. Review the Risk Monitoring section of the chosen article to use in your risk management plan.


You will continue to add to the Project Risk Management Plan document that you created in Unit 1 and revised in Units 2 and 3. This week, you will complete the Project Risk Monitoring section using the article you found in the CTU Library and other reading materials.

    1. Using the articles you located in the CTU Library and your other reading materials, discuss the following:
      • Your plan for reviewing the risk responses and implementation strategies noted in Unit 3
      • Your plan for identifying new risks and implementation strategies in the project
    2. Note: Be sure to include the pages with only section headings and TBD as content that will be completed in later units.

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