Module 4 – SLPRISK MANAGEMENT; SAFETY AND HEALTH Videos Career Contessa. (2019, June 27). How to deal with a workplace bully [Video]. YouTube. Standard YouTube license.

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Career Contessa. (2019, June 27). How to deal with a workplace bully [Video]. YouTube. Standard YouTube license.

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Gregg Learning. (2019, April 12). Workers compensation insurance [Video]. YouTube. Standard YouTube license.

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Other Sources

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Workplace violence is a somewhat new phenomenon that was inconceivable until the first postal worker shooting occurred in 1970. Ever since then, there have been many incidents of workers “going postal.” Because this phenomenon is on the rise, organizations have made changes to make their facilities safer for employees. For example, some companies no longer have a receptionist sitting alone in a lobby. Instead, there is a phone on the wall for visitors to call someone who is located behind a locked door.

Disgruntled employees are not the only danger in the workplace: misplaced ladders are a danger to employees, as are blocked exit doors and improperly trained forklift operators. A federal agency was created to make the workplace safer for employees: OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). You may find the following webpage informative and useful for this SLP assignment:

Occupational Safety and Health Administration. (2017). Workplace violence.

SLP Assignment

It is imperative that employers provide workers with a safe working environment. Let us see how safe your own workplace is.

Take a walk around your workplace and take notes of anything that appears to be a violation of an OSHA guideline or is a blatant unsafe situation. In addition, take note of any signage installed or other things done to protect your employees.

Take pictures of at least three things you found that are dangerous to employees and three pictures of things done to protect employees. Really look closely, because some of the safety changes were made decades ago so you are used to seeing them. This means you may not even think of them as a safety improvement. Once you figure them out, they can be placed on your list, too.

Create a PowerPoint presentation of not more than 6 slides, not counting the cover slide and reference list slide. Insert a picture onto each of the six slides and describe what is right (or wrong) with the situation in the picture. The description goes on the notes pages for the slides, not on the slides.

Your submission will include:

  • Cover page (with all required components)
  • 6 slides in a PowerPoint presentation (not counting the cover slide and reference list slide).
  • Use headings that indicate if the picture on the slide is a violation of an OSHA rule or a safety improvement already taken at your place of employment.
  • The reference list contains at least one high-quality, peer-reviewed academic source (from the Trident Online Library or the Background page of Module 4) in correct APA format.

You will find the following useful as you critique sources:

Herring, J. E. (2011). Improving students’ web use and information literacy: A guide for teachers and teacher librarians. Facet Publishing. Available in the Trident Online Library, EBSCO eBook Collection.

Lack, C. W., & Rousseau, J. (2016). Critical thinking, science, and pseudoscience: Why we can’t trust our brains. Springer Publishing Company. Available in the Trident Online Library, EBSCO eBook Collection.

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