Module 2 Video Analysis: First Grade Science and replies

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Click on the link above to view the first grade science lesson. After watching the video, respond to the prompt below by the due date. You will also be responsible for participating in two threads other than your own by responding to the posts of two other participants.

Discussion Prompt: Identify elements of the developmental approach to instruction illustrated in the lesson. You may discuss specific theorists (e.g., Piaget, Erikson), as well as general points about the developmental perspective.

reply 1:

One way that the instructor us illustrating the lesson is through showing the objects. Before she’d use a new object to test in the water, she’d explain to the class what it is and what she’d be doing with it. According to Piaget’s theory, this was the best way to help the students because first grade kids are in the preoperational stage. What they can see has a bigger impact on their thinking. Another way the instructor did this was by effective scaffolding. Before the instructor explained what, something was, she’d ask her students. Not only would she ask one student, but she’d go around picking on different students to compare their ideas. This method goes along with Vygotsky’s theory because it emphasizes the role if culture, social interactions, and language development.

Reply 2:

The elements of the developmental approach to instruction illustrated in the lesson is she uses visuals along with Q & A then she has them experiment. Piaget states, “A schema can be defined as a set of linked mental representations of the world, which we use both to understand and to respond to situations. The assumption is that we store these mental representations and apply them when needed.” Looking at this lesson and showing them a cup of water and asking them questions they can apply using prior knowledge.

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