MN504 Discussion Board-Evidence Based Change

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Discussion Board: 200 words, APA Style, times new roman, font 12, 3 references (212-2017).

Topic 1: Evidence-Based Change

Locate an article from a peer-reviewed nursing journal where a

practice change

was made based on research, preferably a change that could relate to your area of practice or organization.

Note: You are seeking to find an evidence-based article that describes some change in practice that was based on research; this is all about applying research, not doing research.

Thus, you are not looking for a research article,

but you are looking for an article that uses evidence from research to make a change.

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  1. Describe the change made and comment on the strength of the research evidence utilized and the whether the change led to improved patient outcomes.
  2. Note any barriers to change that were identified and how they were overcome.
  3. End your discussion with a reflection on how this article is useful to you as you consider your role as an advanced practice nurse leading others to use the best evidence to strengthen nursing practice and improve nursing-sensitive patient outcomes.

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