MGMT100 non verbal communication

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Research Paper: Non-Verbal Communication

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For your research paper, please closely view the video and read the article listed below (see for links to both the video and article). Pay particular attention to the video and article. As you watch the video/read the article, take notes on some of the topics presented that interest you the most.

This paper should be fun! I would suggest that you read/watch the materials as soon as possible and then start observing others around you for some personal examples of non-verbal communication.

Your research paper must include: a Title Page, an Abstract Page, at least THREE pages of body content, and a References Page—all in proper APA format. This is your first writing assignment–think of it as a warm-up for your research paper due in Week Seven.

Video: Non-Verbal Communication in the Global Marketplace

Article: The Puzzle of Non-Verbal Communication

Your paper should utilize appropriate Week Three course material together with the above article and/or video.

Be sure to include/address each of the following:

1. Pick THREE areas of interest from the article and/or video and discuss why you find each one of them interesting.

2. Discuss and describe personal examples you have seen of any of the above-mentioned three areas (e.g., someone who covers their mouth while talking).

Submission Instructions:

Submit your research paper only as a Microsoft Word (.doc) document. Your paper must be at least 6 pages long and include each of the following:

1. Title page;

2. Abstract page;

3. At least THREE pages of body content that include an introduction at the beginning and a summary at the end;

4. References page listing at least THREE research sources used in your research paper.

Note, however, that you may include as many pages of body content as you feel necessary to fully and completely address the research paper assignment.

Use at least THREE research sources in your research paper. They should be articles and/or books that support your paper’s analysis and conclusions (do not use any of the following as one of the three required references: Wikipedia; unknown, undated, or anonymous sources; and any articles from non-reputable websites).

You must submit your paper using proper APA Sixth Edition formatting.

Your paper must contain no more than 20% direct citations or quotations. That means 80% should be your own original analysis, thoughts, and ideas.

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