Measurement Scales/ Business Research

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4 additional pages for your course project (title page not counted):

which measurement scale will work the best for your project and the criteria
needed for effective evaluation using this scale, including accounting for
errors. Select at least two measurement errors that may be a concern using the
chosen scale and construct how the project will account for them. Create these

  • Background Material
  • Limitations

In this week’s assignment you will want to write on any background information
that is relevant to your research. This would be based on your company. The
next part of the assignment is for you to state the exact measurement scales
you are going to utilize. (The Measurement Scales are listed below) Then you
will want to explain why you would want to utilize this scale(s) and then
possible limitations you may have (need to use sample size due to budget
constraints). Once you have explained your scale(s) you will want to explain
possible errors that may occur. What will you do to account for these possible

Nominal comes from the Latin root nomen, meaning name. A
nominal scale only identifies (or “names”) the variable. A good
example is asking participants if they are “male” or

The ordinal scale measures the nominal scale plus an order. An
example is a question that asks for an opinion and gives choices such as
“completely agree”, “mostly agree”, “neutral”,
“mostly disagree”, “completely disagree”.

An “interval” is the space between two things. Interval
scales describe nominal and ordinal values plus the amount between each item. A
good example is found on a thermometer. The temperature is scaled at regular
intervals, whether one degree or ten degrees apart.

A ratio uses the qualities of nominal, ordinal, and interval scales, but
also includes an absolute zero (a point where none of the quality being
measured exists).Variables like height and weight are examples of ratio
variables. Temperature cannot be a ratio variable because a temperature of 0
does not mean “no temperature”.

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