marketing management research paper

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Choose an existing organisation (not a brand or product line)—it has to be recognisable as a separate entity, though it might be a subsidiary of another

organisation. It may market a single brand (or brand line) or many different brands and/or products.

Gather as much information as possible about this organisation’s market and its current status. Conduct a marketing audit of the organisation. Present

it in the form of a written report.

Your report should start with background description for the company and the market(s) it operates on. It should contain both PEEST and SWOT

analysis. It should identify three or more major issues facing the organisation; consider both the positive and negative factors affecting the organisation

when deciding on these issues: they should represent confluence of the factors identified in the preceding analysis.

The audit should conclude with suggestions for dealing with the identified issues.

Your report should consist of no more than 3000 words (excluding references). It should be written individually. It will account for 80% of your module


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