making a journal based on your assigned reading.

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journal is based on your assigned reading for the week (background
reading in your textbook as well as the PDF provided below and the
assigned New Testament reading from Galatians 1-3).

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Click on Journal to see your writing prompt.

Journal is due by Wednesday (4/24).


  • Journals
    are an opportunity for you to process some of what you are learning and
    demonstrate to me that you are engaged with the reading material.
  • Please post a minimum 300 word response to each prompt by midnight (Eastern Standard Time) on April 24.
  • Your journal entries should be organized, well-written and proofread. Think of each of these as a very brief paper. You
    will lose points for misspelled words, lack of capitalization,
    repetition of ideas, lack of organization, or lack of minimum word
  • Note: Your journals should not be personal faith statements but should demonstrate engagement with a biblical text in an academic setting. In other words, do not tell me what you believe; tell me what you are learning.

your background reading has explained, in Paul’s letters to the
Galatians, Paul is trying to convince the Galatian community that they
do not need to be circumcised or follow the Mosaic Law in order to be
saved. They only need to have faith in Christ. The tone and passion of
the letter indicate how serious Paul was about this central message of
his preaching.

  • Review the PDF in your Assigned Reading: “Some Rhetorical/Persuasive Strategies Used by Paul.”
  • Select four of the ten strategies
    listed there, and find an example of each one in Galatians 1-3 (find
    link to Gal. 1-3 in your Assigned Reading as well).
  • Name the strategy, quote the verse from Galatians, and include the citation (chapter and verse, e.g., Gal. 2:5).
  • Next,
    remark on whether or not you find Paul’s letter to the Galatians (at
    least the excerpt you are reading!) to be a persuasive document. Why or
    why not?
  • Finally,
    comment on Paul’s writing style and the tone of the letter. Do you find
    it easy to follow or difficult? Do you feel encouraged or discouraged
    from reading more of Paul’s writings?

(This is Paul’s letter to the Galatians, chapters 1, 2, and 3)

For the reading use this link below and read chapter 10 and 15

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