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Over the quarter you have encountered technical language
associated with logic, critical thinking and composing arguments. Since this is
a survey course and covers the topic broadly, we rarely get the chance to dig
into some of the topics on a deeper level. For this assignment, choose one
topic from the course or directly related to the course and compose a 2- page
paper regarding the topic. The point of the assignment is to explore a topic in
more depth and relay what you have learned in a structured, formal argument or
research paper.

Some topic options include but are not limited to:

  • Rhetoric (or specified rhetoric ie propaganda,
    political rhetoric, rhetoric of war, feminist rhetoric, etc.)

  • Logical Fallacies (or choose one specific
    logical fallacy ie, ad hominem, straw man, either or, etc and explore in depth)

  • Types of Reasoning

  • Rhetorical Appeals (or choose one specific
    appeal ie ethos (ethics), logos (logic), pathos(emotion)

  • External or “packaging” pieces that contribute
    to a strong argument (ie voice, structure, communication)

  • Anything related to any course material/related
    information you read in the book or in the course

  • Anything that extends a discussion post topic in
    the course

  • Anything related to rhetoric or arguments
    including use in real world situations in any situations such as law,
    advertising, consumerism

  • Anything related to the history of rhetoric such
    as Aristotle

  • Anything related to how rhetoric is demonstrated
    in your discipline (where do you see the need for arguments in your
    professional life?)

This is just a springboard for ideas. You are welcome to
deviate from this list, but if you are unsure if your topic is related, please
touch base with me before writing.

Technical Requirements

  • Genre: Research Essay

  • Length: minimum 2 pages

  • Format-Standard APA

  • Information Literacy: Ethical research, in text
    citations, reference page

  • Communication: strong grammatical and structural

  • Organization: clear intro, body, conclusion,
    transitions, etc.


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