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For your literature review, I want you to imagine that you are the host of a televised roundtable discussion (ie: The View, The Talk, The Chew). Your show will feature 3 experts on the ethical issue which you identified. The experts are the authors of your sources and you are the host. You will write a 4-page script identifying two themes which all of your sources have in common. Within the script, your experts should discuss how their takes on those themes are similar and/or different.

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Keep the following things in mind as you write your script: Give your show a name. You, the host, should introduce your ethical issue, guests, and their credentials at the beginning. You may ask questions of your experts or direct them to discuss the two themes which you identified within your sources. Each expert needs to respond, even if it is to say that he or she does not take a stance on the theme at hand. You may incorporate quoted material from the sources. If one of your experts can’t respond with a direct quotation, that’s okay, too. Use the information from your annotated bibliographies to paraphrase how the expert would respond. Be sure to properly attribute quotations and anything that you paraphrase using in-text citations. Your experts may banter with each other. The host should occasionally weigh in with his or her thoughts or to get experts back on track. He or she should also wrap up by synthesizing everything that the experts just said. Finally, be creative!

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