Level 05-Business Ethics The Rules of the assignments Tutor must stick to Guide file instructionsTutor must answer all questions and do all requirementTutor must guarantee the passing scoreTutor must

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Level 05-Business Ethics

The Rules of the assignments

  • Tutor must stick to Guide file instructions
  • Tutor must answer all questions and do all requirement
  • Tutor must guarantee the passing score  + 75 ٪
  • Tutor must have  Unlimited revision for FREE
  • The total answer words for the Assignment will be approx 2000 words with Grace percentage 10% up and down.
  • The plagiarism rate allowed is15%.

Level 05-Business Ethics The Rules of the assignments Tutor must stick to Guide file instructionsTutor must answer all questions and do all requirementTutor must guarantee the passing scoreTutor must
Unit D/617/1223 Business Ethics Level 5 – 15 Credits Sample Assignment Scenario You are interested in ethics and its effect on individual organisations and the world of business. You have decided that you wish to spend a period of time furthering your studies in this area. There are a number of universities in the United States which offer bursaries for students enrolling on business ethics programmes and you have decided to apply. One course in particular interests you because it combines theory with real business practice and the aim of the programme of study is to consider the relevance of ethics to business objectives and responsibilities. Task 1 You plan to complete the application form for the university and in addition you need to produce a paper for the admissions tutor on ‘Ethical Perspectives in Business’. Your paper must: Explain the history and development of theoretical approaches to business ethics (AC1.1) Compare and contrast absolute and relative ethics (AC1.2) To achieve a Merit grade your paper must also include An analysis of the role of governance in ensuring ethical behaviour of organisations (AC1M1) Task 2 Following receipt of your application and paper the admissions tutor has contacted you expressing interest in taking your application further. As this is an applied course, she has now asked you to write further materials in the form of an article for a business magazine. The article must be divided into sections covering an: explanation of how business objectives are affected by ethical considerations (AC2.1) evaluation of the implications for a business and its stakeholders when they do not operate ethically (AC2.2) analysis of the impact on workplace relationships when a business acts ethically (AC3.1) evaluation of ethical mechanisms for supporting and developing workplace relationships. (AC3.2) To achieve a Merit grade your article must include an analysis of the ethics of workplace relationships for global organisations (3M1) Task 3 Your work has impressed the admissions tutor. Two members of the faculty now wish to interview you on Skype. The topic for the interview will be ‘Your assessment of a current ethical issue in an organisation of your choice’. In preparation for this interview you should: Research a current ethical issue affecting your selected organisation, evaluating its impact (AC4.1) Develop and make recommendations for the selected organisation to address the ethical issue (AC4.2) To achieve a Distinction grade, you must also Design a suitable ethical code to minimise the risk to a selected organisation due to ethical issues (AC4D1). Task 4 The Skype interview will involve a discussion. To achieve a Distinction you must prepare a paper which researches: current issues of unethical behaviour in business and propose ways they may be addressed (AC1D1) Guidelines for assessors The assignments submitted by students must achieve the learning outcomes and meet the standards specified by the assessment criteria for the unit. The suggested evidence listed below is how students can demonstrate that they have met the required standard. Task Number LOs and AC Suggested EvidencePASS Suggested Additional Evidence MERIT Suggested Additional Evidence DISTINCTION LO1 AC1.1, 1.2, 1M1 The paper should be produced in a style appropriate for the audience given in the task. The paper should cover the four sections stated with a clear explanation of the history and development of theoretical approaches, using theory, approaches and examples as appropriate. The section on absolute and relative ethics must demonstrate that the learner understands these terms and is able to draw clear comparisons and differences between the theories. Learners should show their understanding of governance in organisations and provide a detailed analysis of how governance should ensure ethical behaviour. LO2 and LO3 AC2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 3.2, 3M1 The article must be written in an appropriate style and be divided into sections according to the task set. The first section should clearly explain the effect of ethical considerations on business objectives. In the second section the evaluation must relate to a range of different stakeholders. The implications of ethical practice needs to relate to both the business and the stakeholders identified and there should be a consideration of the potential conflicts, which might arise. The third section must demonstrate an understanding of ethics in workplace relationships. The learner should consider the businesses’ contractual and moral responsibilities to employees, equal opportunities, working conditions etc. and analyse the development of various ways of gaining employee involvement and empowerment. The use of examples in this work will help to demonstrate understanding. The analysis must refer to global organisations and the learner should use exemplar material to support the points made. The analysis should be detailed and specific covering different aspects of relationships in the workplace. LO4 AC4.1, 4.2, 4D1 The learner must identify a specific business example for their research. This could be an organisation they know personally or one which has been researched. The work produced must be thorough, current and show a clear assessment of the issue in the selected organisation. This should lead to personal judgements. The work must include a range of practical and achievable ways, the organisation could use to improve the situation. This needs to take account of the organisational objectives and employer/employee relationships. The learner must design an original ethical code which needs to be pragmatic, address ethical issues and assist ethical decision making. It should include rules of behaviour, which guide decisions. LO1 AC1D1 The learner must research a range of unethical behaviours in business using examples to illustrate the points that are made. The proposed ways to address the issues must be realistic and achievable.

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