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1. Kennedy shifts his speech in a very well manner, he starts it off with introducing the topic not leaving anything to guess or kept secret and tells the people the awful news about what has happened. You can tell Robert Kennedy is deeply uneasy about the situation and the news that he has to tell the people in the crowd. I think that he did a very good job and keeping the situation under control espically because he had no idea how the crowd would react or what they would think. I think that Kennedy did a good job and if he were to do something different he probably could have talked less about black verse white people, to me it makes me feel uneasy about the topic. I know thats what it was all about, but I do not like situations that speciffically talk about races being againts eachother, the color of youre skin should not effect the way you treat someone. I like that kennedy gave the people an option, stating weather or not you can have hatred for white people and want revenge or as a country we should stand together and fight for what Martin Luthor King Jr wanted and what he was so despretly fighting for. Kennedy expressed that his option would be that everyone stands togther to find love and understand and get beyond the difficult times as a country. I think the way the speech was given, it was extreamly professional and exactly what the people needed to hear, they were given and a few options and were left to decide for themselves how to treat the situation, which showed Kennedy is a real leader. I think that the speech was approprate and handled the topic in a calm and professional manner. 

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2.  Kennedy started with announcing a bad news that Dr. Martin Luther King has been assassinated. That is very smart way that help him grasp listeners’ attention immediately at the beginning of this speech. When people were surprised about that news, he started speech again with “what” and “who”. Then rhetorical situation appeared with these two questions.

Then he used many perfect vocabularies such as lawless, violence, disorder, comprehend, effort, love, and improvement. Kennedy pointed that many people felt angry, even wanted to revenge in mind. But that wasn’t a thing deserve to be mentioned by Jr. died. What Jr. focusing on when he still alive was love and justice. Meanwhile, he also mentioned about his family’s death intentional during his speech, that was a really smart movement, because people would connect two things together and gave him more support. All of these definitely affected audience’s emotional. He had a unique rhetorical capable to communicate with others.

He managed information that allowed people to take action could be related to the definition of professional communication. First, he used few questions to get people’s attention and put them into a rhetorical situation. Second, he showed his respectful to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Third, he made some hypothesis between white people and black people. Fourth, he broken down his hypothesis and talked about future. All of these were professional communication techniques which caused a great trustful impression to audience, and made them to take the action what he wanted.

requirement: reply these two discussions, each of reply must have 100 words .

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