Intro to Logic

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Do a Proof for the following argument:

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  (the same argument that you worked on in Exercise 27
  to use TT for testing validity)

  P1:  If things are caused to exist,
  then the infinite regress of existence is not possible.

  P2:  God is not the ultimate cause of existence,
  only if the infinite regress of existence is possible.

  P3:  By the way, things are caused to exist.

  C:  Therefore, God is the ultimate cause of existence.

[31-2] “Derive” the conclusion (C) from the 3 premises (1 to 3) in
  a formalized argument below by employing rules of inference
  (i.e., proof, where you need to come up with additional steps
  beyond 3 below to lead you to the conclusion):

  C.  ~T


  1.  (R V S)  ->  (T -> K)

  2.  ~K

  3.  R V S

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