Intro to law inforcement

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You are an American Intercontinental University online campus
graduate from just over 7 years ago, and since your graduation, you have
been rising up through the ranks at the local police department. You
were a police officer when you attended AIU, but you had not advanced
too quickly within the police department. Your upward career progression
was launched with your graduation from AIU, and you have now reached
the rank of Captain, where many people think that one day you will be
the chief of police.

As for now, you are trying your best to do everything right as a
captain. The chief calls you into a meeting with the six other captains
in the police department and explains to you that he is starting a new
community policing unit in the police department. He explains that he
will be selecting one of his six captains to be in charge of this new
division, and it will be a promotion and a raise of $20,000 per year if
selected. The police chief will select the new captain over the
community unit based on a report they each submit to the chief. The
report must answer all of the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of your community policing unit? Outline the goals of this new unit.
  • What will be the specific responsibilities of your unit? Explain.
  • What
    type of officers would you want working in your unit? Explain.
    Specifically, for which qualifications and experience would you be
  • Where would you assign your officers to work? Why?
    Outline the areas that you would concentrate on to begin with, and
    explain why.
  • How would you gauge the success of your unit?
    Explain. What are the metrics and time line that you would use to
    measure success?

Your assignment is to prepare this report for the police chief. Make
sure to answer all questions asked, and provide sufficient support for
each of your responses.

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