Interpreting a Text (2-3 pages), writing assignment help

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In this essay, you are tasked with interpreting and evaluating a specific element of an author’s work. The element should be a passage, a scene, a plot development, a character, or an authorial decision. Your thesis claim is your analytical evaluation of the chosen element, and you should proceed to develop your claim in a well-detailed, well-organized fashion. To develop that claim, you will evaluate not only a specific element of the author’s writing and/or points, but also the various ways in which the author tries to make those points stick: i.e., the argumentative moves the author uses throughout. Your close analysis of the author’s writing will constitute the paper’s evidence. Anticipating and answering a hypothetical “So What?” question will constitute the stakes of your argument. The ability to evaluate and respond to texts critically is central to academic writing, and the skills you learn in this second essay will prove invaluable for the analyses to come.

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