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Hi dear, I’m taking an intercultural communication class and it’s required me to do 1-2 pages critique on each chapter. I have the book as PDF. I’ll upload it once you bid on the question. I need you to do a critique on chapter 3 and 4 only this time. and this is the assignment description from the syllabus for more clarification:

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Students will be required to read the chapter before class and prepare a short (1-2 page, typed) response to each chapter throughout the semester, focused on the readings This will be turned in every week for each chapter. It has to be typed, double-spaced and proofread. In your response please indicate the chapter title and number. Please not that the chapter response is not a SUMMARY but a CRITIQUE of the chapter!! If you agree with the concepts you must tell me why and if you don’t agree, you must also tell me why with scholarly supported assertions.

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