InstructionsNew Century Health Clinic New Century Health Clinic New Century Health Clinic offers preventive medicine and traditional medical care. In your role as an IT consultant, you will help New

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New Century Health Clinic

New Century Health Clinic New Century Health Clinic offers preventive medicine and traditional medical care. In your role as an IT consultant, you will help New Century develop a new information system.

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You began the systems analysis phase at New Century Health Clinic by completing a series of interviews, reviewing existing reports, and observing office operations. As you learned, the doctors, nurses, and physical therapists provide services and perform various medical procedures. All procedures are coded according to Current Procedure Terminology, which is published by the American Medical Association. The procedure codes consist of five numeric digits and a two-digit suffix and are used for all billing and insurance claims.

From your fact-finding, you determined that seven reports are required at the clinic. The first report is the daily appointment list for each provider. The list shows all scheduled appointment times, patient names, and services to be performed, including the procedure code and description. A second daily report is the call list, which shows the patients who are to be reminded of their next day’s appointments. The call list includes the patient name, telephone number, appointment time, and provider name. The third report is the weekly provider report that lists each of the providers and the weekly charges generated, plus a month-to-date (MTD) and a year-to-date (YTD) summary.

The fourth report is the statement — a preprinted form that is produced monthly and mailed in a window envelope. Statement header information includes the statement date, head of household name and address, the previous month’s balance, the total household charges MTD, the total payments MTD, and the current balance. The bottom section of the statement lists all activity for the month in date order. For each service performed, a line shows the patient’s name, the service date, the procedure code and description, and the charge. The statement also shows the date and amount of all payments and insurance claims.

When an insurance payment is received, the source and amount are noted on the form. If the claim is denied or only partially paid, a code is used to explain the reason. A running balance appears at the far right of each activity line.

The associates also require two insurance reports: the weekly Insurance Company Report and the monthly Claim Status Summary. In addition to these six reports, the office staff would like to have mailing labels and computer-generated postcards for sending reminders to patients when it is time to schedule their next appointment. Reminders usually are mailed twice monthly.

Now you are ready to organize the facts you gathered and prepare a system requirements document that represents a logical model of the proposed system. Your tools will include a selection of a SDLC model with an explanation why it was selected, a document outlining the various needs of the stakeholders.This can be included as part of a document that includes a “Customer Requirements”, “project Charter”.Other key documents that must be included is the RTM, WBS, Critical Path and DFDs.Please be sure to compile all the various key elements we have studied in the class up to and including week


1. Compile the information in a program of your groups choosing.Excel, Powerpoint and/or Word are all fine.

2. Prepare a document with the above noted elements as if it will be submitted to senior management at the organization you work for

3. New Century is the client. Be sure to show include all key elements and processes for handling appointment processing, payment and insurance processing, report processing, and records maintenance.

Points to consider:

Content -Relevant information on required topics -Information is organized

Visuals/Graphics/Activity -Visual elements of the presentation -Visuals add to the learning

The visuals and graphics have element of creativity and style. Information is presented in a clear manner.

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