Instructions For the country you have chosen for this course, conduct a study of the governmental, cultural, or subcultural ethics and social responsibilities. Address the challenges that the organiza

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Instructions For the country you have chosen for this course, conduct a study of the governmental, cultural, or subcultural ethics and social responsibilities. Address the challenges that the organization will face based on the ethical and social responsibilities required by the country and its culture or subculture. Adhere to APA Style (7th ed.) when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Use the following format for organizing your submission.

  1. Restate the issue fully. Thoroughly identify courtesies, behaviors, and customs of the subcultures. Generally, no in-text citations or sources are needed for this section.
  2. After you have completed your research, document your findings as related to the issues identified above. Provide your readers with the information and data (e.g., charts, graphs) to support your analysis and arguments. In this section, you will need in-text citations and references, which should be formatted using APA Style (7th ed.).
  3. Using the material presented in Section II, analyze and argue all possible sides of the possible courtesies, behaviors, and customs as you feel are necessary. Focus on trying to make good cases for choosing different solutions.
  4. Provide your readers with your recommendations and conclusions.

Instructions For the country you have chosen for this course, conduct a study of the governmental, cultural, or subcultural ethics and social responsibilities. Address the challenges that the organiza
THE PUNJABIS CULTURE AND COCA-COLA COMPANY Rebecca L Parks THE PUNJABIS CULTURE AND COCA-COLA COMPANY Introduction Throughout the previous week’s paper, we addressed the Punjabis culture among the older practices today marked by its music, military styles, philosophy, education, and cuisine. Additionally, the culture is characterized by increased religiousness by people that mainly inhabit the Punjab region. Additionally, about 75% of the global Punjabis people are located within Pakistan, the eleventh most popular language in Britain. Therefore, for this paper, we will be addressing two major areas, including how the culture of Punjabi people may affect the marketing approaches of the Coca-Cola company products. Coca-Cola is among the most popular soft drink companies globally with numerous takes, including sprite, coke, Demonte, water, etc. The marketing of Coca-Cola and Punjabi culture The religion The first and essential factor to consider where marketing the Coca-Cola products within the Pakistan Punjab is the religion practiced. Most people within the location are either christens or Muslims, although there are fewer Hindu and Sikh people. Therefore, we understand that they have not mentioned whether it’s wrong to take soft drink products within these religions. However, artificial products are associated with curses within some cultures, but religion encourages their use within this community. Therefore, we can market our products within the local religious and worship places where most people gather for prayer. Additionally, religions other than Christianity do not encourage alcohol taking, but one may take soft drinks, which is a catch for us. Singh (2014). The second culture within Punjab is wealth. There are the poor, middle earners, and rich people within the Punjab society. The rich people can often afford all resources such as food, fancy vehicles, building, and even marry more than one wife. However, poor people cannot afford luxurious items like soft drinks. Therefore, considering that the majority of the people are middle-income earners, this may encourage our firm to market our products within the new location. Additionally, it will ensure that more people can afford luxurious items—judge (2002). The occasions and celebrations. We note that the Punjabi people have numerous occasions and public holidays based on short internet research. They include Jor Mela, Basant Panchami, Karwa Chauth, Lohri, Teeyan, and Chappar Mela. This sounds like a great opportunity for our company since during the festive season’s people tend to spend money on expensive clothes, food, and soft drink. Therefore, we will use this opportunity to introduce Coca-Cola products during the festive seasons. People are more likely to like our tastes since other parts of the world have already loved them. Kumar & Rana (2016). The weather conditions culture The weather conditions within Pakistan differ, although June is the hottest month where the temperatures increase to up to 880F, which is relatively high, while January is the coldest with 9.50F. Therefore, during the hottest days, people like to travel next to places with water for cooling additionally they take a lot of water. We all know that Coca-Cola products are best when served cold; therefore, we can begin marketing our products during the hot days, and this will ensure that more customers accept our products leading to great market entry. Conclusion In conclusion, Punjabis culture is very diverse; an example, they have numerous religions that do not encourage alcohol taking. Additionally, other factors that favor our marketing strategy include the distribution of wealth, weather, special occasions, and religions. References Judge, P. S. (2002). Religion, caste, and communalism in Punjab. Sociological Bulletin, 51(2), 175-194. Kumar, A., & Rana, V. S. (2016). Food as an Attraction for Tourism: A Study of Patiala City, Punjab. IICMR Research Journal, 11(1), 7-11. Singh, P. (2014). Class, nation and religion: changing nature of Akali Dal politics in Punjab, India. Commonwealth & Comparative Politics, 52(1), 55-77.

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