Individual Project 2 Quality Management (BADM370-2002A-02) Week 2

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Continue working on your training manual. Complete the following tasks for your project:

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  • Update the Quality Training Manual document title page with the new date.
  • Update the previously completed sections based on the instructor’s feedback.
  • Add the following section for Week 2:
    • Week 2: The Role of Leadership (300–400 words)
      • Research and summarize senior management’s role in successful
        quality improvement programs. Be sure to use real, researched examples
        to demonstrate your points. The Baldrige Award site list of recipients
        could be a good resource for examples.
      • In general, identify senior management’s specific role in these
        large-scale strategic quality programs? Cheerleader? Role model?
        Decision maker? Resource provider? What else?
      • Why must firms adopt the identified roles? What is the risk of not using the roles?
      • Indicate how senior and middle management should derive the metrics to use to monitor and communicate performance?
    • With each week, you should include a minimum of 3 new cited
      references. As such, the references should be varied and different with
      each section addition. You can reuse references, but repeat references
      do not count toward the minimum 3 new cited references.

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